Grow Talent are Adult Education Specialists – with our innovative approach to training, we are able to assist your company to grow and develop your most valuable assets. We offer tailored made courses to suit your industry and our training programmes will engage employees at all levels within your organization. 

Our facilitators are enthusiastic and generously share their own work experiences  throughout the course, making it both interesting and easy to relate to. 

Grow Talent is able to assess your training needs and provide courses and training programmes based on this assessment. We will provide you with comprehensive feedback reports so that you are able to track the progress of your employees. We are also able to provide you with continous monitoring to measure the success of the programme and the impact that it is having on your employees and their work environment.

It is vitally important for your managers to understand Labour relations and CCMA procedures. We are able to guide them in this regard and also offer CCMA representation.

Grow Talent also offers Webinars, Seminars and online learning programmes, focussing on the development of leadership skills and personal skills.

Based in the Western Cape, we are able to travel nationally and internationally. Grow Talent is fast becoming the ‘go-to’ training company as we are able to provide programmes and training for many different industries :  Hospitality, Textiles & Clothing sectors, Management and Local government.